Monday, February 22, 2010


Olivia recently began "seeing" her self in the mirror. It's so cute. Last night I held her up and she started smiling at her reflection. I just love all the new things she discovers.

Olivia Jules...

On Sunday after I fed Olivia at church I just had to snap some fun pictures since she probably wont' get to wear this dress too much longer. I love the bow Mary Mease made. So cute!!

We had a fun morning with Ana who was up visiting from Houston. Liv got to wear her new shoes she is borrowing form Lille Duran. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Livi my dolly...

Our little girlie ready to hit the town. Ha. Actually just headed to church. We were blessed with an entire bin of clothing for Livi to borrow. Thanks Lille Duran for this fun outfit and bow. Love it!

This is Olivia trying to tell a story to us. :) She is so fun to listen to.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My little Henry James...

I love that my sister sends me adorable pictures of my little nephew Henry. That way I get to post some here every now and again. :) What a little cutie! Can't wait to see him in a couple weeks.

Say it aint so...

So on Thursday, February 11th it began to snow at about 8am or so and it didn't stop for 24 hours. In the Dallas area we got 12.5 inches of fresh white snow! It was crazy. Everything in Texas shuts down when the temp drops and there is even warning for snow and ice so of course everyone was off work or out of school early and very eager to play. Snowmen were built, snowball fights broke out everywhere, and people (David and friends) were pulled by a truck on snowboards. It was all in good fun. Mom, Olivia and I stayed in doors all nice and warm and I made a double batch of white bean turkey chili. It hit the spot! Today it is melting away but it has stayed longer than any snow I've witnessed in my seven years of residence.

Our laundry line outside was taken down.

Those were bushes that were as tall as the house.

Our neighboors made a little snow family.

February 13th...

David, my mom and I took Olivia for a fun filled Saturday. First we hit up Jaylee Mease's 1st birthday party, it was quite fun. Then we went to Joanne's for some fabric, we saw Valentine's Day, Olivia did great again at a movie and we ended it all with sushi. Olivia was in such good spirits I couldn't help but keep snapping pictures of her sitting in her carseat at the table while we ate. She was all smiles. Such a fun little Valentine. :)

Grammy and Livy at Toshios!

Livy in her fun polka dots.

Daddy made a blanket chair and Olivia was just chillin' there sitting up like a big girl. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olivia is 3 months...

Little Miss Olivia is three months now! She is getting so big and of course cuter all the time. We started her on rice cereal with her last feeding at night. She is doing very good with it! She is still sleeping and eating great. We are so proud of this little girl!