Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stinkin' RSV...

So Friday night we noticed Olivia had a cough so i took her to the Dr. Saturday morning. They said her lungs sounded good and that it wasn't really anything. But from then on it got worse. She was a lot more irritable, wasn't eating or sleeping good and the cough was deep! Monday I made another appt for Tuesday afternoon. I took her in and her Dr. gave an RVS test, Respiratory Syncytial Virus that is going around. It is dangerous in kids 2 and under and especially in small infants. She test positive for the virus and her oxygen levels were only at 85% so they gave her a breathing treatment and kept us around for 30 minutes to see if it helped and she could sustain better o2 levels. She couldn't they were at 82% so he sent us straight to the ER at Cook Childrens Hospital. The waiting room was packed and I was NOT looking forward to how long it would take but since Olivia is only 11 weeks old and had already tested positive they got us right it. It was such a huge blessing!! After five hours, two IV attempts, 1 blood draw, 1 breathing treatment and them suctioning her nose and throat out, we got to Olivia's room. The staff here has been so nice and helpful! Her oxygen levels have been much better and she is more like her old self. She even almost smiled today. :) We are hoping to go home tonight. One night in the hospital is enough. ha. As long as she is doing better we feel good!
Thank you for all your prayers! We are hoping and praying for a quick recovery.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Henry James Cunningham...

My older sister Heather gave birth to Henry James Tuesday, January 19th at 3:18pm. He weighted 6 lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches long. My sister and her husband Jesse are just elated! They have had a rough couple of days though, Henry has been in the NICU since early Friday morning with blood sugar issues but the last two days have been great and he seems to be ready to come home soon. :) He will have an MRI tomorrow to make sure all is well but once that is clear he should be good to go. We'll keep praying for that! Heather says he is the sweetest little boy and Olivia and I can't wait to head up north Friday to meet him. Olivia and Henry are just 10 weeks apart, no doubt they will be best friends. :)

Practically laughing...

How can you not love this face! Olivia has been a bit under the weather the last couple days. I took her to the doctor Saturday morning and they said she had an upper respiratory infection...sad!! She still smiles though, well not so much today. She is very lethargic today. Still love this face though. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Smiley girl...

Olivia sure likes smiling. Grammy usually can get her to smile and "talk" so much but today she was cooperating with me too. She is so much fun and I wanted to share the joy of seeing her eyes light up when she smiles. I have a video too but it won't let me post right now. I will try tomorrow :)

Love this girl...

Last Wednesday Olivia came with me to church in her stylish new hat Nina made her. :) Everyone just loved her and of course the hat as well. She is growing so much, smiling more and making all kinds of cute noises. David and I are loving every second of it. She has her two month appointment this Wednesday morning and her shots too. :( Not looking forward to that very much. We went to New Orleans for the weekend and Livs did fantastic on the eight hour car ride each way. She is such a great baby, we can take her anywhere.

Thanks for the hat Aunt Nina.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Granny Dee sent this beautiful corduroy Winnie the Pooh dress and sweater from England for Olivia. It fits her just perfectly. Daddy sure loves holding her.

Nina made this adorable hat for Olivia. SO cute!

this one is just for fun! :)

Minnesota for Christmas...

We had a wonderful time in Minnesota. It was great to bring Olivia to meet all the family. They seemed to like her. :) We had quite an eventful time. House hopping on Christmas day (The Cunningham family and Awada family), we hit the Excel Center for a fun hockey game, and spent time with good friends. We can't wait to go back in February when Heather has her baby (due Jan. 12th) and throw her a family baby shower!

At Great Grandma's house with Aunt Jackie and Auntie Heather, she was 37 weeks preganant.

Minnesota Wild Game