Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stinkin' RSV...

So Friday night we noticed Olivia had a cough so i took her to the Dr. Saturday morning. They said her lungs sounded good and that it wasn't really anything. But from then on it got worse. She was a lot more irritable, wasn't eating or sleeping good and the cough was deep! Monday I made another appt for Tuesday afternoon. I took her in and her Dr. gave an RVS test, Respiratory Syncytial Virus that is going around. It is dangerous in kids 2 and under and especially in small infants. She test positive for the virus and her oxygen levels were only at 85% so they gave her a breathing treatment and kept us around for 30 minutes to see if it helped and she could sustain better o2 levels. She couldn't they were at 82% so he sent us straight to the ER at Cook Childrens Hospital. The waiting room was packed and I was NOT looking forward to how long it would take but since Olivia is only 11 weeks old and had already tested positive they got us right it. It was such a huge blessing!! After five hours, two IV attempts, 1 blood draw, 1 breathing treatment and them suctioning her nose and throat out, we got to Olivia's room. The staff here has been so nice and helpful! Her oxygen levels have been much better and she is more like her old self. She even almost smiled today. :) We are hoping to go home tonight. One night in the hospital is enough. ha. As long as she is doing better we feel good!
Thank you for all your prayers! We are hoping and praying for a quick recovery.


  1. Those pictures break my heart.
    Praise God she is on the mend...

  2. So sad. Glad she got better quickly. :)