Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Happy Easter...

Easter was great!! I LOVE LOVE LOVED picking out what she would wear. The hat was a last minute addition but definitely made the whole ans amble. Saturday we took her to downtown Waxahachie to have pictures taken with live bunnies (the first four below). It was so fun. She really didn't pay much attention to the bunny at all. She liked the plastic eggs more. Ha! The rest of the pictures below are from church on Sunday. I took so many but just couldn't help it! Easter will probably forever be one of my favorites, having a girl makes it all the more fun. Not to mention, we celebrate Jesus and the incredible sacrifice he made on the cross for us! Thank you Lord for all you have done and for the amazing gift of this little angel of ours.

Olivia with her friend Sawyer Grace!

It was a big day...she was pooped!

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  1. Love the 4th bunny pic, and the one in which she's touching Sawyer's face. You're right about the hat - it makes the whole ensemble. Adorable!