Friday, August 6, 2010

More of July...

The pictures below are kind of a hodge podge of the last few weeks in July. We had some fun pool time, a couple play dates with Judah (one month older then Liv) and Eden (six days younger then Liv). She has a great time with other kiddos, gets a little grabby though. :) Olivia is coming up quickly on nine months and we are continuing to have a blast!

Eden and Oliva, friends for life.

Olivia's boyfriend Judah. They has so much fun together! It was adorable. I'll try to post video.

Olivia sitting on my office floor eating a mum mum (rice biscuit) while Mommy gets some work done. ha!

Modeling a tutu we were thinking about getting. I just loved it! Maybe some other time. :)

Nina made this adorable hat! It wasn't for Olivia, she was just modeling it for Nina's website.

Olivia loves this little giraffe that plays music. It's so sweet!

Such little cuties!

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