Friday, September 24, 2010

It's been too long...

I am so sorry that i have not blogged for weeks! We have been so busy, I had to get a new phone so i lost a lot of pictures and then my new phone wouldn't load onto my MAC. Well then I had my last day of work and had to hand in my laptop anyway so now I finally was able to load all my pictures off my phone and on to David's Dell. We had a fun and busy August. We went to California for a week. Heather and Henry met us there. We visited our Great Aunt Lori in Fullerton, Orange County and then spent four days in San Diego on a trip David won through the company he works with. We had a marvelous time, Henry and Olivia were chummy from the get go and we just really enjoyed our time together! I hope you enjoy the pictures. I will make sure to blog again soon. :)

People thought they were conjoined twins...sad! but they are too cute!

Beverly Hills

Venice Beach strip (i have an editing app on my iphone)

The kiddos loved Great Aunt Lori, how could you not?!

She liked it! :)

We brought the pack and play to the beach, it worked out great!

This is the view from our hotel room. Gorgeous!!!

They LOVED the water! We kept their nuks in to keep the sand out, it worked. :)

We had such a great time!

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