Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Olivia spent a month in Minnesota this summer with my family. She had the best time, visiting cousins, laughing and singing with her aunties and uncles and playing with GiGi Barbara a lot! My mom took her to MN after a visit to Texas and then I went up two weeks later and then stayed for two weeks with her. She absolutely fell in love with her cousin Henry, she calls him Henry boy. They would run to each other and hug after naps, they shared (pretty well for one year olds) and held hand sitting next to each other in their car seats. It was very sweet and such a nice trip. Here are a few pics and videos from the trip. I'll try to post more soon. Sorry, I haven't been great about posting, we only have one computer and David has it most the time working so I will try to get better! :)

4th of July celebration

She LOVES this monkey

Loves twirling and dancing

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