Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Olivia's nursery

Olivia's nursery was inspired by the grey, pink and white bedding we found and purchased online. It has a fun leaf pattern, complimented with stripes. We chose to paint the walls a light grey and accent with pink and white. We love how it turned out and hope Olivia feels right at home. Chuck and Courtney Miles painted the mural around the crib, amazing!! Mary Mease and Danny Duran painted the room grey (thank you!!) and Mary and Rick also helped with the Olivia hanging in the frame. Special shout out to Rachel Hunter for the wonderful framed art (cool story about it being from 1939 London) and Danielle White for creating the cool Union Jack canvas (British Flag) in corresponding colors. I LOVE everything in this room!

John Cunningham painted the flower fairy to the left of the closet.

"Keep Calm and Carry On" was from WWII, the King put posters reading that phrase all over London
as a reminder to his people. Rachel had it printed for me/Olivia in pink and framed. :)

Her closet, the girl has some pink. Ha!

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  1. Found your blog when I searched grey and pink nursery! Love it =) Where did you get your crib?! Its so perfect..