Sunday, June 13, 2010

England, better late than never...

Our first family trip across the pond. We had such a wonderful time in England. Posting these pics made me, again, so grateful for our friends there and beautiful family. These were pics I took on my camera, sorry it took so long to post. We are blessed to have such great people on both sides of the pond. :)

This was pretty much Olivia the whole flight, unless she was sleeping. She was outstanding!
London with my cousin Ash. :)
The Pub we had fish and chips at, yum!

Olivia and her adorable cousins, Luke and Joe.
It took Luke a little bit to get used to Olivia...she gets grabby. :)

She LOVED her Uncle Peter!

Brothers and their first born.
Fun family picture. We had such a lovely time with Pete, Clare and her family at their farm.

Olivia enjoyed meeting her Grandad, Nick. We had a very nice visit with David's Father.

These next couple we were at Kedleston where his grandparents volunteer. It's beautiful!

The great Team Davo! Love these people.

Olivia loved her new friends, Steve and Liz! Look how happy she was. :)

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