Saturday, May 29, 2010

England round 1...

We flew to England May 19th, Olivia did so great on both flights. She was a rock star traveler. I thought with the six hour time change and makeshift bed she would be a bit off kilter. But of course little Livi was just as great, fun and content as always. Everyone loved her and she just had the best time all week. We started the trip off in London, visiting my cousin Ashleigh who is studying at Queen Mary's University. We rode the tube, saw Globe Theater, walked along the river, had fish and chips on the roof top at a traditional pub, it was loads of fun. Arriving in Derby and settling in at the Davison's we felt at home right away. Friday was the service for David's mum, Dee. It was beautiful, Pete did a lovely job of planning. We followed that with a small reception and then headed to Granny's with the family. Saturday afternoon we drove to the west coast of Wales to a vacation town called Abersoch to stay with a school friend of David's. James and Hannah Ellis hosted us in their beautiful home by the beach and we had a marvelous time. We met some of the most amazing people, everyone was so nice! We then headed back to be with Steve and Liz for the remainder of the trip. We had sushi, watched Karate Kid and played Yatzee, it was great fun! We are planning an Americano vaca with them in 2011, can't wait!! It was a very good trip. It was so wonderful to see family and spend time with our nephews. We hope to go back again soon! More pics and videos to come soon.

Great Granny and Olivia wearing the dress and tights Granny Dee sent her last December

Me and nine week old Joe

Great Auntie Lel and little Olivia.

Olivia with her cousin Joe.

Olivia was terrified of the big cow, it was our first time seeing her scared. Sad.

We spent the nicest day of the year on the beach in Abersoch, Wales.

We swaddled her and she took both her naps on the beach. It was so sweet!

David heading out to wake board with James.

We were lucky enough to stay with great friends Steve and Liz Davison. They were wonderful hosts, we had so much fun and Olivia sure loved them too!

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  1. Love the pictures! this is the closest I'll ever get to England. Didn't know about Davids mum regards to you all.