Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Growing and going...that's our Olivia...

Olivia has been keeping us so busy! We've been having fun, hitting the park, doing all sorts of great stuff in this beautiful Texas weather. Loving it! She is pretty much repeating or trying to repeat anything and everything we say. She loves books, phones, and sidewalk chalk. We've been on play dates usually every week and I'm definitely working on her sharing with others. :) You know how fun that can be for a one year old. Well, Olivia is almost 16 months now, it's going by fast but keeps getting more and more fun and exciting. We feel SO blessed to have this little girl in our lives! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Her first lollipop at the library...she was over the moon...I only gave her a few licks. :)

She loves the park!!

this was a picture sent to us on Vday while we were in Puerto Rico. LOVE HER!

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