Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring break...Florida...

What a wonderful time we had in Florida March 6th-12th, we flew into Orlando and then spent the week at my Grandma Barbara's house in Sebring. Cousin Rachel was with us all week and then Uncle Rob and cousin RJ came the last couple days. We had so much fun out at the pool, playing at the park and enjoying family dinners and card games. :) Olivia had a blast swimming! She would beg to go out everyday and then just wouldn't want to leave EVER, she would yell "WATER! WATER!" It was so funny! All my grandma's friends loved her, she would yell HI to everyone all day. :) Then on our way out of town on Saturday we went to Downtown Disney, Olivia liked the statues and kept wanting her picture taken with them. It was hilarious!

This beautiful pink flowered bush was planted in memory of my Grandpa Bob. :) We miss him!

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